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Park Board Update

The Park Board is working through: 1. Purchasing ADA playground equipment through a county grant. Information will be presented at the next council meeting. 2. Exploring a grant for recycled tire mulch to replace and replenish the mulch around the playground equipment. 3. Gathering ideas and information for a grant through LWCF (50K grant). This grant can be used for any outdoor space/activity. Bring your ideas to the next park board meeting! 4. One spot is open on the park board. This position will be appointed by the mayor and approved by council. If you are interested please reach out to city hall to be considered! We welcome public attendance and participation in the park board meetings, please consider attending and engaging with us!


Park Board Update

Concerning the LWCF Grant that we are applying for, the park board presented 4 options to the city council. It was decided to move forward by obtaining quotes for building a new/larger pavillion on the west end of the park, refurbishing 3 of the existing pavillions, and creating a walking track around the playground area of the park. It is unknown yet how much of this we can accomplish with this specific grant til those quotes are received. The Park Board is still looking to fill one open seat, and encourages other participants at the meetings.


Park Board Update

Park Board Upate: The Mayor with approval from the Board of Aldermen appointed 5 citizens and 1 Alderman to serve on the Pierce City Park Board early this year. Since then, this group along with the Mayor and the board of Aldermen have worked toward making improvements to the city park in a few different ways: 1. Additional ADA accessible playground equipment has been ordered through a grant from The Lawrence County Board for the Developmentally Disabled. Keep an eye out for this addition in the coming months! 2. Maintenance and improvements to the city pool. 3. Currently working on approval for a grant through LWCF. We hope to use this money to rehabilitate the pavillions at the park, build an additional larger pavillion, and looking into creating a walking trail. At the regular meeting in August (Thurs. Aug 10th, 6:00pm at the Library), the Park board will begin talking about future plans for the Pierce City Park and first creating an informal ‘Park Master Plan’. The goal of which is to allow the board and city to more quickly react to any grants or other monies that become available by already having a plan in place. Also by planning in advance, we can make the most efficient use of the resources we do secure. We have been working on a 'wants and needs' list already, but we want to hear input and ideas from the community! We invite you to attend ANY meeting, but especially the August meeting where we will begin the process of creating this Park Master Plan. Finally, we are currently one park board member short. If you are interested in getting involved in your community this is a great opportunity! Please feel free to call city hall and let them know you are interested, or reach out to Amos Mize at 417-669-2400 /


Park Board Update

Pierce City is looking to fill an open position on the city park board. If you are interested please call city hall.